About us

Art supplies and inspiration at home

Art Supply Home is an art supplies company, based in the United Kingdom, specialising in Zellen paints & supplies. 

Our aim is to supply quality art supplies. The founder of Art Supply Home is Margie Haslewood, who has a passion for paint, techniques and teaching what she has learned to others. Her main passion is Inspiration, and to this end, she will be posting blogs and vlogs about her travels, what has inspired her to paint there.

ZELLEN ART PRODUCTS, proudly developed and manufactured in South Africa. Zellen art products have been available in South Africa since the 1980's. 

We aim to inspire artists and provide tips and help for you, the artist, on your artistic journey.

Please look under the tab "Inspiration" for a link to our Instagram page with "Place to Paint" as inspiration and help with various techniques.

We will also be holding monthly challenges for artists to submit on our Facebook Page.